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Just to make this easier for everyone including myself, I'm including this short blog post where I will list all the social media and shops I'm on. If you see my stuff anywhere else, please let me know. I'm only active on these platforms on the listed and linked accounts. You can contact me with... Continue Reading →

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Witchy 101 – Tools & My Experience

Hello Witchlings and welcome to another blog in my Witchcraft 101 series. In this blog, I wanna go over tools commonly used in the craft, what they are used for and why I use them in my craft or not. Heads up, this is going to be a long one (it’s exactly 4444 words long).... Continue Reading →

Witchy 101 – Magic, Spells & Rituals

Hello Witchlings! It's a New Moon, so a good moment to introduce something to get you started a bit. Now that I've briefly explained witchcraft in one of my previous posts, I thought to start off with an explanation on magic, spells and rituals. These are key elements of the craft and knowing what's what... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Trial Through Shadows

This is a shadow work ritual I've developed that lets you create manifest a space called the trials. Through these trials, your energetic self travels in order to overcome the shadows that reside within them. These shadows are part of you and stop you from being your true, free self. If you want to read... Continue Reading →

Shadow Work Introduction

°•~∞~•° As I walk into the darkest depths, illuminated I know I put you here, out in the dark I embrace you, as I would a friend or lover These shadows, were always part of me And as they are illuminated, I become whole Again, like I once was. °•~∞~•° I recently wrote about shadow... Continue Reading →

WITCH – Lisa Lister

Hey, bookworms! I'm back with another book review. This time it is the book Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic by Lisa Lister. This isn't the only book by Lisa that I own, I also have her book Code Red which I'm still reading and planning to write a review on, so I have a bit of... Continue Reading →

The Witches Path

Hello everyone, this time I will introduce a "new" topic to you all, Witchcraft. Now you may think "Shea, we know you're a Witch, why do you need to make a new topic for it?". Well, I noticed there's a LOT of new witches surfacing lately and I wanted to get some basics on the... Continue Reading →

April’s Retrograde Party

Hello Everyone! I wanna talk a bit about the current retrograde party that's going on and will be for a while at that. I know it's already the end of April but at these retrogrades will be going on for a while still and as of today all planets of this months Rx party are... Continue Reading →

Wild Unknown Tarot & Spirit Animal Oracle

Hello Tarot nerds and Oracle enthusiasts! This time I'm here to bring you a review on both the Tarot and Oracle decks from the Wild Unknown, created by Kim Krans. These decks are quite popular nowadays and I've seen either love or hate responses to this non-traditional, nature-oriented deck. While I aim to be mostly... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Soul and Cell Memory

Hello everyone, this time I want to talk about a different topic than usual. Usually, I share more practical info, reviews, DIYs and such, but this time I want to talk about a bit more of a philosophical ideology kind of topic. So this is a theory, not a fact, but one that helped make... Continue Reading →

Erasure of the Dark Moon

Today I wanna discuss the erasure of the Dark Moon. The key point to recognize this erasure is the thought whenever a Dark Moon is mentioned: "Don't you mean the New Moon?" This isn't me saying that what I'm discussing here is 100% truth and fact. Some things are but this is also from my... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – My New Deck Process

Hey, fellow Tarot Nerds! This time I will be talking about the process I go through with any new decks I receive, whether they are Tarot or Oracle decks. I've been seeing a lot of people new to tarot asking things like how to bond with a deck, or what to do first or not,... Continue Reading →

Influence of Eclipses

Hello Everyone, with the upcoming Lunar eclipse I'm sure you're all wondering: "What does this mean to me?" For my 2019 Moon Report, I wrote a full information sheet on eclipses and their influence as well as that month's specific eclipse. In this blog, I will explain a bit of the basic that will help... Continue Reading →

December 2018 – Moon Wallpaper

Hello, fellow Moon-children! The new wallpapers for December are here! I hope you are all excited about the upcoming celebrations and Sabbath! Personally, I'm looking forward to Yule, to finally know the days will grow longer again. I hope you all had a great cycle so far and are ready to take a look at... Continue Reading →

Mercury Rx – Chat with me Ritual

Hello everyone, as you may know, Mercury is currently in what we call retrograde (Rx). In this post, I want to share a ritual that focuses on the special qualities of a Mercury Rx. So this post I originally wrote for The Witches Circle community app, and while I'm aware I've been writing about witchcraft... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Retrogrades

With a current Venus Retrograde (among others) and an upcoming Mercury Retrograde, I thought it might be nice to touch upon what it is, what it does and what you can do to deal with the retrogrades. These are partially based on my own interpretation so by no means is this a law in any... Continue Reading →

Golden Thread Tarot

Hello fellow Tarot Nerds, I'm back with another Tarot review! This time I will cover the stylistic deck, The Golden Thread Tarot by Tina Gong from Labyrinthos. The Design Tina markets herself as a designer, developer, and Pokémon master. A Woman after my own heart hahaha. She's made several decks but the Golden Thread Tarot... Continue Reading →

November 2018 – Moon Wallpaper

Hello, fellow Moon-children! The new wallpapers for November are here! I hope you all had an amazing Halloween/Samhain yesterday, I sure did. Now let's get to a little astro forecast. I hope you all had a great cycle so far and are ready to take a look at the next moon cycle starting in November!... Continue Reading →

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