Social Media & Shops

Just to make this easier for everyone including myself, I'm including this short blog post where I will list all the social media and shops I'm on. If you see my stuff anywhere else, please let me know. I'm only active on these platforms on the listed and linked accounts. You can contact me with... Continue Reading →


May 2017 – Moon Calendar

It's finally time to share my latest (witchy) project with all of you! Monthly Moon Calendar Wallpapers! Every month I will share a wallpaper, both for Desktop and Mobile, of that month's Moon phases, starting off with May. This is one of those things that would've been nice to start in January but hey, I'm... Continue Reading →

You’re a… witch?

This is a question I get a lot when people ask me if I'm religious in any way, and often results in surprised and confused faces. I've always struggled with "being myself" around people, often because I didn't know "who I was". Until recently I didn't always want to share this part of me but... Continue Reading →

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