Moon cycle – June 2018

Starting now I will be sharing a little bit more on the moon cycles along with my wallpapers. If you're not interested in the Wallpapers, then maybe you will be interested in what I have to say about the main parts of the cycle we will go through each month. So, this is my forecast... Continue Reading →


June 2018 – Moon Wallpaper

Yay! The new wallpapers for June are here! This time a little sneak peek at the new layout! Oh, and a little heads up, these will be available as a pack on my Etsy soon in case you want to get them early and support me! Moon Wallpapers Every month I share a wallpaper, I used to... Continue Reading →

The Moon – What and when

This page has been update on 23/11/2018. Added: The Dark Moon, astrological calculations, moonstone correspondence, app links and mention of the Moonology oracle deck. Hello lovely souls, today I want to talk about the 5 main phases of the moon and what you should best be doing around this time. This post was inspired by... Continue Reading →

The little book of Astrology

The little book of Astrology is a lovely little book that really helped spark my interest in Astrology further than it already had! I always found it interesting to look up my daily horoscope, read about zodiac signs etc. So when I wanted to read more in-depth about it this was the first book that... Continue Reading →

Moon wallpaper – May 2018

May's wallpapers! After sharing them on my Portfolio website I decided to move them over to my Blog! Also, big news! I'll be adding a new feature to these wallpapers starting in July! Every month I will share a wallpaper, both for Desktop and Mobile, of that month’s Moon phases, every month has 2 designs this time to choose from! 

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