Tarot Spreads – (1&2) Daily readings

Hello, lovely souls and welcome to my first Tarot Spread post! These spreads are also great when you want to work with Oracle cards, as your main goal may be to work with one card during that day (or week...) and learn more about all sides of its meaning, or perhaps use two cards to... Continue Reading →


Tarot 101 – Reading spreads

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk to you about reading tarot spreads. You may think "But Shea, I know how to read spreads! You just shuffle the cards and lay them out in the order of the spread you're using!" and while that may be true, there's a little bit more to it... Continue Reading →

Runen – Cassandra Eason

This is one of my first books about runes and covers specifically the Anglo Saxon runes (not the Elder Futhark, which is most common) in combination with the feminine divine powers. The title of the book I own, which is the Dutch version, is "Runen, De toegang tot je unieke innerlijke kracht" while the English... Continue Reading →

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