Tarot 101 – Tarot & Oracles

Hello Tarot Nerds! This time I want to explain to you what the difference is between Tarot and Oracles. Oracles in use I say Oracles and not cards because technically tarot is an oracle of sorts as well, just like runes are. The word oracle basically represents a medium from which you receive insight from... Continue Reading →


A little bit of Runes – Cassandra Eason

Hello bookworms! I'm back with another review on a book by Cassandra Eason, A little bit of Runes. Cassandra Eason is an author of many books, and as you may know, I also own her book on Anglo Saxon runesĀ which I already did a review on. This time I decided to get her book on... Continue Reading →

August 2018 – Moon Wallpaper

Hello, fellow Moonchildren! The new wallpapers for August are here! I hope you all had a great and powerful eclipse last week and are ready to take a look at the next moon cycle starting in August! Also, eclipse season isn't over yet. We will have a New Moon - Solar Eclipse in Leo on... Continue Reading →

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