Mercury Rx – Chat with me Ritual

Hello everyone, as you may know, Mercury is currently in what we call retrograde (Rx). In this post, I want to share a ritual that focuses on the special qualities of a Mercury Rx.

So this post I originally wrote for The Witches Circle community app, and while I’m aware I’ve been writing about witchcraft related things I don’t think I ever shared a ritual like this on my blog that’s not a very mundane thing (like my tea and coffee rituals), and that scares me! I feel like this is where I go from “just spiritual tips and tricks!” to “let’s do witchcraft!”

And to me, that is huge and necessary. I’ve been saying over and over I won’t hide the truth of who and what I am no longer, and while I never have truly been hiding, I’ve never actively put it out the way this feels to me. Just felt like I had to share this piece of honesty.

With that being said, let’s get into it, shall we!


Retrograde is an optical illusion that makes it seem like a planet travels backward through the signs while in fact it just travels slower than us.

Mercury is known to be in retrograde 3 or 4 times a year for a couple of weeks each and it can definitely stir things up. I wrote a post on Dealing with Retrogrades before which covers it more in-depth for all planets in case you’re interested.

Right now Mercury is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, eager to explore new things, so it’s great for this type of ritual.

Chat with me – Ritual

This ritual focuses on the special qualities of a Mercury Rx. What are those qualities? Mercury rules thoughts, ideas, and communication. As with every retrograde, this energy turns inwards. That makes a Mercury Rx the perfect time to have a chat with your inner self.

Why? We are always so caught up with what we want and need to the outer world, that we often don’t stand still with what our inner self-needs. This is the time to communicate that.

I’m someone who is so stuck in my head but at the same time doesn’t listen, just worry, so this ritual helps me tune in to my higher self and just listen and observe instead of overthinking and worry. A mercury Rx is not a time to speak out to others, but to think on our own thoughts and ideas.

What you need:

  • A mirror
  • A candle
  • Incense
  • A blue crystal is optional

Sit in front of the mirror and position the candle and incense between you and the mirror. I prefer to do this in the dark so I’m more focused. Cast a circle if you so chose.

Light the candle. If you want you can carve the symbol for Mercury in it. Make sure the candlelight reflects in the mirror. Look yourself in the eye and just get used to seeing yourself for a second.

Then speak your intention, and if you don’t have anything specific you want to learn you can say the following. Of course, you can tweak it so it fits you and your practice but at least it gives you an idea. (Also, no, you’re not calling upon a spirit, you’re calling upon your subconscious self.)

“I invite my inner self
to come forth for a chat
on what needs to be said.”

Repeat if needed until you feel tuned in.

Then light the incense with the candle. The smoke represents the element air, helping your mental state communicate. Mercury is also connected to the element of air. Acknowledge what it represents or speak it if that helps for you. Following is another example phrase you can use.

“As the smoke rises
so do the words from
my subconscious mind.”

This is where you’d hold the blue crystal to support your throat chakra, this helps with communication. Again, this is optional.

Focus on yourself in the mirror and let all your thoughts come and go, observe them. See what they have to tell or show you. Try not to judge or dwell on anything too much, just observe.

If you want you can turn this into an automatic writing session just after the smoke step. Just get a piece of paper and pen and scribble everything down while looking at yourself in the mirror. It doesn’t have to be neatly written so don’t worry about that.

When you feel like you’re done thank yourself for making the time to chat and the insights it has granted you and blow out the candle. You can do this ritual over multiple days during the retrograde to see more progress if you feel really stuck.

Hope this helped, let me know how it went in the comments ♡ Good luck


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  1. As always your posts are so clear and easy to follow ❤ I love how you write out your witchcraft instructions, you make it so easy for beginners like me who aren’t as confident in their witchiness 🙂 xxxx


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