December 2018 – Moon Wallpaper

Hello, fellow Moon-children! The new wallpapers for December are here! I hope you are all excited about the upcoming celebrations and Sabbath! Personally, I’m looking forward to Yule, to finally know the days will grow longer again.

I hope you all had a great cycle so far and are ready to take a look at the next moon cycle starting in December! Mercury Rx will come to an end before the New Moon which might put your mind to rest, and Chiron will finally go direct, after being in Retrograde since July!

Moon forecast can be found at the bottom with the download link for the wallpaper!

Moon Wallpapers

Every month I share a new mobile wallpaper that helps you stay in touch with the Moon and her phases. However, there are also desktop wallpapers if you’re interested over at my Etsy page! These wallpapers are to help you get in touch with the moon by keeping track of its phases and signs they appear in.

In witchcraft or most other spiritual religions, the phases of the Moon are very important. People try to keep track of this by using apps or websites, but why not just have a calendar on your desktop or mobile device that helps you remember? If there’s one thing people have close these days, it’s either a smartphone or pc.

When I made these for myself I thought, why not share them with the world, I’m probably not the only one who would like to use something like that. And I was right. In one community by itself, I managed to get over 100 responses to how much they loved the simplicity of it. No more apps, let’s keep it basic. We already have too much clutter in our lives,


The design I used is simple but elegant and shows all you need to know, nothing more. The name of the month, the dates of the 4 main phases and the sign they appear in.

It can be used as just a lock screen or home screen, or both. The information should show up just below the lock screen clock. Below you will see a preview of what the layout looks like.

New june wallpaper layout
The new moon wallpaper layout!

The desktop wallpapers are a little bit different. Still simple enough, but I thought it’d be nice to have them be a little bit silly. Since I’m an illustrator, I decided to make “witchy” illustrations on photographs to go with them. Below you can see the one I made for July.

desktop 2.png

A little bit of astrology

7th December, New Moon in Sagittarius

This new cycle really wants us to get active, adventurous, maybe even travel! Sagittarius loves to discover new things in the unknown. If you have anything new planned, that may be outside of your comfort zone, then this is the perfect time for that! Get out there and let yourself be surprised. Yesterday Mercury went direct so you don’t have to worry about Mercury messing up your plans anymore this new cycle. In July Chiron went in Rx, which will end on the 9th, giving our inner wounded healer a little rest.

15th December, Waxing Moon in Pisces

While you’re building upon this goal you set, Pisces moves into the picture. Things may get a little vague and emotional around this time, but just follow your intuition when making decisions. Don’t let this get you in a feeling of uncertainty. Sometimes it takes time to figure things out.

22nd December, Full Moon in Gemini

Another Full Moon in Gemini. Gemini tells you to be social, speak out those thoughts at this time. The perfect time to get those adventurous goals in action especially if they require any social activity. Don’t let Gemini’s indecisiveness trouble you though. You know you’re own truth, but maybe you need to dig a little deeper in the head of yours.

29th December, Waning Moon in Libra

As we are nearing the end of the year, and the end of the cycle, Libra welcomes us in a time of release and let go. As this is just a few days before the end of the year make sure to look back on and release anything that troubled you during this year. Libra will help you even out the scales, bringing a fair balance into your life if you work with it.

The last day of the year, the Moon will move into Scorpio so this may be a more intense and emotional time of the year. Just make sure whatever you do, listen to your intuition and the next year will start wonderfully.

I haven’t decided on doing free wallpapers for 2019 but there will be a set on my etsy available for purchase containing all 2019s mobile wallpapers, moonreport & printable stickers!

Download the December Moon Wallpaper here!


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