2019 Moon Report + January Preview

Hey everyone! I’m back with something new and fun!
As you may know, I’m a big fan of astrology and the moon, so I made just the thing for that and I’m here to share it with you guys!

Moon Report 2019

For the entirety of 2019, I wrote a Moon report, which I sort of refer to as “Moonlit living” for the way I wrote it. In this report, you’ll find each months moon influence, including retrogrades! I also included several information sheets on moon phases, retrogrades, and eclipses. There’s also a yearly overview of all retrogrades and eclipses included for those interested. Also, my wallpapers are no longer free but part of the report. So yes, you will get a wallpaper for each month that is included in your purchase (see below under Etsy).

Moonlit Living

Moonlit Living is essentially living by the cycle of the moon. Each phase supports a different kind of energy, as you can read in my post on the moon here. This information is included in the report by the way. So when we live in sync with the phases of the moon, we often feel more supported in what we do. Start, build, celebrate, recharge. A continuing cycle.

Then add astrology to it. The sign the moon moves through during a phase gives it a bit of a different flavor. When you add this and use it to your advantage you can truly get the most out of your moon cycle!

Overall, I’d say this is the perfect report for those of you that love to plan and live by the moon!


January Preview

Below you can see a preview of the Moon Report Sheet for January. Each monthly sheet features that months wallpaper, along with the written influence of the moon phase, and any retrogrades and eclipses occurring during this time. All New and Full Moon phases are marked with times in case you plan to do any rituals on these days so you can plan ahead.

For example, if the New Moon is at 01.28 AM Universal Time, you might want to do a Dark Moon ritual the day before, on Saturday, and a New Moon ritual on Sunday.

moon report 2019 janOf course, you don’t need to do any rituals during these phases if you don’t want to. It’s just a little something a lot of Witches and other spiritual people like to do sometimes. Decide for yourself if that applies to you.

With the retrogrades, I mention what sign they appear in and what that may influence. You can see my retrograde tips and tricks here, or on the information sheet included. Same goes for Eclipses.

I wanted all the info you might want to be included in this report so I added the information sheets to the files for convenience.


The report is available on my Etsy in 3 versions: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

Why? Well, maybe you’re not convinced of its worth yet and just want to try it out, or maybe you’re unsure if you would actually use it each month. It also makes it easier if you can’t afford to pay for the entirety of it at once. Maybe you want to try it out later in the year, no worries.

Everyone that makes a purchase in my Etsy shop receives a discount code to use with the next Moon Report order. So if you do decide to pay for it in the smaller version it may still be worthwhile.

Wanna start 2019 living by the moon? Then get your Moon Report here!


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