Influence of Eclipses

Hello Everyone, with the upcoming Lunar eclipse I’m sure you’re all wondering:

“What does this mean to me?”

For my 2019 Moon Report, I wrote a full information sheet on eclipses and their influence as well as that month’s specific eclipse. In this blog, I will explain a bit of the basic that will help you figure it out for yourself! Seeing how these things influence us and seeing the connections ourselves helps us grow and not rely on the general information that’s put out there.

Also, side-note, I’m NOT a fan of this overhyped name “Super Wolf Blood Moon”. The super signifies the moon is in a closer orbit to the earth than usual. The wolf is a name given by indigenous people to this months moon, and the blood is due to the red hue the moon gets during an Eclipse. Eclipses are told online to be a super rare event while in fact, they are quite common (at least a few each year). Therefore I refuse to use this name. To me, this upcoming eclipse is just a Lunar Eclipse in Leo that happens to also be a super moon. No fancy dramatic names. Just call it as it is.


There are 2 eclipses. A Solar eclipse and a Lunar eclipse. When the Full or New moon is within 19 degrees of the North or South Node there will be an eclipse. This is because the nodes indicate the path where the sun and moon cross.

A Solar or Lunar eclipse, therefore, is a very special New or Full Moon event. These events have a longer and more notable effect than a typical New or Full moon.

Lunar eclipses are more common, and also can be seen in a broader area around the world than Solar Eclipses. While eclipses aren’t extremely rare, a Total Solar Eclipse doesn’t happen as often as partial eclipses.

Solar Eclipse

A Solar eclipse happens during a New Moon and this happens when the moon moves in front of the sun. Because essentially the Moon is blocking the sun, it makes the ego retreat and be still with the emotional self. It shows us our (emotional) needs. There’s no pride in keeping us from being vulnerable at this time so we can truly see the things that have been brewing below the surface.

Whatever is started during this New Moon will last till its matching Lunar Eclipse, where the energy will come to a climax, an end.

During a New Moon, the Sun and Moon are always in the exact same astrological sign.

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse happens during a Full Moon, and this happens when the earth blocks out the light of the sun.

This can be seen like this: The sun and Moon are separated at this time, separating the Ego and Emotional/Intuitive self from influencing each other. But also, because the Moon turns red, as the Moon retreating inside itself, reflecting on the needs and pains and releasing these at this time.

The Red phase is the phase of reflecting. The rebuilding full moon phase after this is where you release and step back into your power.

During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are always in the exact opposite astrological signs.

Astrological Approach

When you want to look at this astrologically (what the influence is on you personally) there’s an easy and more in-depth way of doing it.

The easy way is by looking at your sun and moon sign, which can be calculated online fairly easily. Then look at the signs of the sun and moon during the eclipse.

Using the image below, you can see which would square or oppose.
Try to see if any of the following “aspects” are made:

Challenging: Same sign, Opposite sign, Square sign.
These aspects can be felt in a little more tension, uncomfortable way. In the same sign, it directly influences it head-on, opposing is uncomfortable due to opposing influences, and the square is at an angle causing tension that way. The challenging aspects are all within the same sign Quality (Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable) and all have different elements.

Flowing: Same elemental sign, also called a Trine, excluding the same sign.
These are a little more fluid in their influence and can, therefore, be dealt with in less tension. This is because the influence is of the same elemental flavor but of a different quality and can, therefore, support it in a different but matching way.

Colors indicate same element groups.

If you don’t have any of these aspects then that doesn’t mean you’re not influenced. If you’re just looking at the Sun and Moon, then there may be other celestial bodies that aspect the eclipse. If not, then it may just mean it doesn’t need to teach you any major things in life at this point and you may be (un)lucky during the next eclipse. The more in-depth way focuses on all aspects made within a chart and can be done by running a natal chart that also shows the transits on the outer wheel (example below is my own natal chart and the transits of the upcoming lunar eclipse).

Lines show how the current planets aspect my own natal planets

January Eclipses

So This month we already have a Solar Eclipse, the 6th of January, a New Moon in Capricorn. This eclipse cycle will last till July with the Full Moon in Capricorn, as a partial Lunar Eclipse.

The 21st there will be a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Leo, which will end the cycle started in June last year. So if you noticed any major lessons that came up during this time then they will be resolved soon enough after the upcoming Lunar Eclipse.

There’s some confusion about the sign of the Lunar eclipse which is because of the following: the build-up phase starts around 3am UTC and happens in 29° Cancer. During the build-up to the peak of the eclipse, the Moon will move into 1° Leo. Thus being a Leo Eclipse.

Lines show aspects between current planets, no natal aspects.

Signs to pay attention during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse:

Challenging: Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. Something that has been stirred up will be released during this time.

Flowing: Aries and Sagittarius. Something you’ve been aware of will come to a climax during this time.


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