Wild Unknown Tarot & Spirit Animal Oracle

Hello Tarot nerds and Oracle enthusiasts! This time I'm here to bring you a review on both the Tarot and Oracle decks from the Wild Unknown, created by Kim Krans. These decks are quite popular nowadays and I've seen either love or hate responses to this non-traditional, nature-oriented deck. While I aim to be mostly... Continue Reading →


The Theory of Soul and Cell Memory

Hello everyone, this time I want to talk about a different topic than usual. Usually, I share more practical info, reviews, DIYs and such, but this time I want to talk about a bit more of a philosophical ideology kind of topic. So this is a theory, not a fact, but one that helped make... Continue Reading →

Erasure of the Dark Moon

Today I wanna discuss the erasure of the Dark Moon. The key point to recognize this erasure is the thought whenever a Dark Moon is mentioned: "Don't you mean the New Moon?" This isn't me saying that what I'm discussing here is 100% truth and fact. Some things are but this is also from my... Continue Reading →

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