The Theory of Soul and Cell Memory

Hello everyone, this time I want to talk about a different topic than usual. Usually, I share more practical info, reviews, DIYs and such, but this time I want to talk about a bit more of a philosophical ideology kind of topic.

So this is a theory, not a fact, but one that helped make sense of certain things for me. Perhaps this can give you a different perspective on things or maybe it will spark a feeling of recognition in how you see this yourself.

The theory of Cell and Soul Memory is about our current life, our ancestors and past lives and how we are connected to all of this.

It’s a particular view on the subject that I talked about with my mom the other day that we agreed on to some degree. Whether you agree with this or not probably depends on what you believe happens after we die, and while no one is sure of what happens a lot of people have their own beliefs on that. Religion-based or not. I’m not going too far into my own beliefs at first but do explain how this ties into my practice later on. However, I do wanna say that yes, I believe in reincarnation and that that isn’t bound to just human lives, just to make that clear from which perspective I’m writing this.

Memory itself

Memory is a very interesting thing. In our day to day lives it’s the storage of information in our brain with things from our day, things people have said, ideas we had etc. It is a way to store, retain and remember information we come across. Now there are different perspectives on this spiritually and scientific (and I love to combine the two) that speaks of memory stored in tissue in the brain but also other cells in our body. In the spiritual world, there’s also talk of crystals being able to hold information or memories although that’s a whole different story that I won’t cover here. And then there is the concept of the Akashic Records which essentially is the collective memory of all that is, that I tie to soul memory.

In my spiritual practice, I apply 2 different kinds of spiritual memory kinds that connect our current life to past lives from ourselves and our ancestors.

Cell Memory

Cell memory is information stored in our cells, passed down by our biological ancestors. This information comes in 2 different forms. The way we physically look, thanks to the combining of their DNA over thousands of years, and the way we think and operate. Our Primal instincts come from Cell Memory, in psychology called Genetic Memory, as well as the hard wired pathways in our brains. This also means that our bodily ailments, that can include mental health issues but not always, are also part of this Cell memory. The way our ancestors lived decided how their bodies had to evolve to survive the different circumstances.

This is also where DNA test come in play, as they can help you figure out where your ancestors came from and what information they can share with you based on their lives there. The fact we can figure out based on our DNA where our ancestors came from to me means there is biological evidence that memory is stored differently in our cells based on where we live and what we experience. If you do a lot of ancestral work you probably will be able to tap into this information much more easily when working with the idea of Cell Memory, as you simply need to meditate on how your body was build up, what’s already stored physically inside you and use that as a connection.

Link to a post on Ancestral work by Wolf of Antimony

Soul Memory

Soul memory is information stored within the essence of your soul, from your previous lives but also from your experiences in the Aether between these lives. If you believe in Akashic Records then you could say the Aether, in this case, is very similar. It’s both the source of all, but also the collective web of all. There’s a lot of different names for this and if you don’t believe in the Aether part you can just focus on the Past lives here.

With Soul Memory, you tap into the essence or energy of your being, not your body, and search for information hidden there. In my experience this is more difficult to distinguish than Cell memory, but easier to access as you’re working with non-linear forms of energy as our soul is connected to all around us, simply housed in a vessel called our bodies. So at the core of our being, we are many people at once, as energy exists outside time and space. In short, when we tap into soul memory we can choose to go back or forward in time (this can be connected to Akashic ideology) and just have to focus on where we want to go or what we want to know from our past selves and let that be revealed to us through meditation, astral or scrying.

You can access both Soul and Cell memory during trance meditations or astral travel. Of course, past life sessions help with soul memory and ancestral rituals with cell memory. Being able to distinguish whether memories during meditation or astral are from your ancestors or past lives gets easier this way by applying the interpretation or approach of this theory.

Why this matters to me

I think it’s important to be aware of cell and soul memory because it helped us shape the person we are in this life. We shouldn’t always look to the past but sometimes the past can hold interesting information or lessons for us and we can often find patterns there.

I’ve done a couple past life sessions, which introduced me to things I’ve never seen or heard before. So I wanted to dig a little deeper in how to access it or where it came from.

Then sometime later I did a guided astral meditation during a course I was taking and visited a place that felt very familiar. This is the point where it matters. I can vaguely identify where or when this was, but as it wasn’t part of the travel to distinguish between the two and just see where you needed to be, it is somewhat difficult to interpret if this was ancestral or a past life. Now if I want to explore this further I can initiate a meditation, astral travel or scrying session and either ask when focusing on soul memory to take me back there or focus on my body and how it would’ve felt being back there as it would be stored in my cell memory then.

When I know its a cell memory I tend to thank my ancestors for what they showed me or taught me. When I know it’s soul memory I know it was a lesson from a previous life that I can use in this one.

Did you know?

For a time during the 1960s, it was hypothesized that all the cells of the human body were capable of storing memories, not only those in the brain, an idea known as cell memory or cellular memory. This also ties into how people with body transplants suddenly have new habits or memories, this could however not be proven and is thus considered pseudoscience but with the idea of Cell Memory, this would be actually a very valid concept. There’s also this source from 2018 that puts cellular memory in science in a different perspective again.

Extra interesting sources


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  1. Loved this article and noting the important difference between biological cell/DNA based memory and soul/past/future life memories. Thank you!


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