April’s Retrograde Party

Hello Everyone!

I wanna talk a bit about the current retrograde party that’s going on and will be for a while at that. I know it’s already the end of April but at these retrogrades will be going on for a while still and as of today all planets of this months Rx party are actually in retrograde.

The dates of this month’s retrogrades:

  • Jupiter – around the 10th of April till 11th of August
  • Pluto – around the 24th of April till 3rd of October
  • Saturn – around the 29th of April till 18th of September

I’m saying “around” due to timezones as it may be a day before or after depending but you get the idea.

Now there will be 5 retrogrades at the same time during this summer, which is actually less than the 6 retrogrades we had last year at that time, but it still sounds overwhelming. If you want to read more about the influences of retrogrades for all planets check out this post I wrote on it. In this post, I will only cover this month’s retrogrades, and the others will be featured as they come along.

The energy of this current Rx Party

So now we know 3 planets turn Rx (retrograde) this month, that may not mean anything to you in terms of energy or significance. I’ll go over them one by one next. Now the thing is all these current retrogrades are “Outer Planets”, meaning they are further away and thus influence us in a generational/collective sense and less personal.

Please remember everything is relative to how you deal with it and not bad or good by default. Retrogrades are there to teach us valuable lessons in life.

I added the affirmations from my retrograde post under the influence descriptions as well which you can use during meditations and such while consciously working with these energies.

Jupiter // 10th of April – 11th of August

Jupiter is the planet of luck, religion, travel, education, as well as our ethical views. My personal feel for it is a literal expansion of the self. In retrograde, this isn’t as much how those themes inside you interact with the outside world but more how you interact with these themes inside yourself. This applies to all retrogrades. During the retrograde Jupiter will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the natural sign ruler of Sagittarius so in that sense they compliment each other very much so. Sagittarius is a fire sign and thus calls upon our passions and actions in a way of expanding and exploring the self.

In short:
We will feel the need to explore our own believes, teachings and desire to expand ourselves during this retrograde.

If you know your Jupiter sign then any fire signs may find this a little easier to deal with, and the Jupiter signs Gemini, Virgo and Pisces may struggle a little more with it due to harder aspects

“The truth that resides within me is just a fragment of the knowledge in the universe.”

Pluto // 24th of April – 3rd of October

Pluto is the planet of major transformation and rebirth. When something really needs to go deep and change you leave it to Pluto. During the retrograde Pluto will be in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is originally ruled by Saturn, and is a very down to earth, determined sign focused on mastery. Capricorn is an earth sign and thus calls upon our skills and abilities within the physical world in a way of mastering these skills with headstrong determination.

In short:
Whatever we need to transform within ourself we will have the opportunity to do with the desire to master something within ourselves. If you want to explore new skills to aid in your work then this is the time to look for them.

If you know your Pluto sign then any earth signs may find this a little easier to deal with, and the Pluto signs Aries, Cancer and Libra may struggle a little more with it due to harder aspects.

“All the change I invite in my life will help me become a better person. I am reborn like the phoenix from the ashes.”

Saturn // 29th of April – 18th of September

Saturn is the planet of rules, systems and boundaries. I think you could say it’s the judge of the group. Saturn will be in the sign Capricorn for the entire duration as well, just like Pluto, which is interesting! These 2 planets are currently what we call conjunct, thus they influence each other, work together. Now some people may say this conjunction isn’t pleasant, as we will be urged to transform our inner rule systems and boundaries, but I think it’s a very healthy thing to do. The sign of Capricorn will again add that determined, goal-oriented mindset to dealing with this energy.

In short:
We will be challenged to review and perhaps change our inner boundaries, rule systems in a way that will help us enhance our will to succeed when it comes to our goals.

If you know your Saturn sign then any earth signs may find this a little easier to deal with, and the Saturn signs Aries, Cancer and Libra may struggle a little more with it due to harder aspects.

“As I acknowledge the necessity of limitations, I also acknowledge that I am human and am allowed to make mistakes.”

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