Witchy 101 – Magic, Spells & Rituals

Hello Witchlings! It's a New Moon, so a good moment to introduce something to get you started a bit. Now that I've briefly explained witchcraft in one of my previous posts, I thought to start off with an explanation on magic, spells and rituals. These are key elements of the craft and knowing what's what... Continue Reading →


Tarot Spread – Trial Through Shadows

This is a Tarot Spread I made to go with the Trial Through Shadows ritual. You can use it by itself or as part of the preparation for the ritual. The purpose of this spread is to help you receive insight into what can be found during the ritual and what impact it has on... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Trial Through Shadows

This is a shadow work ritual I've developed that lets you create manifest a space called the trials. Through these trials, your energetic self travels in order to overcome the shadows that reside within them. These shadows are part of you and stop you from being your true, free self. If you want to read... Continue Reading →

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