My Story

This page was so outdated oh my god! I hadn’t touched it in 2 years!

Hello everyone, my name is Shayna Lynn, I’m 21 years old and come from the Netherlands. I’m a passionate artist, determined witch, and creative student.

I currently study Media Design in Zwolle. Think about graphic design, web design, animation, and illustration. I’m not entirely sure what I plan to do after I finish, but one thing I’m sure about. I want to intertwine this with my spiritual practice!

So a little bit about me. Online people usually know me as Witchy_Attitude or AttitudeRains. The latter is also the name I use for my shop and the way I promote myself as an artist/professional. I’m an amateur writer and comic artist when I want to be (I’ve tried to write and illustrate several stories but always end up losing interest somewhere halfway). I love illustrating things and designing things that are also useful.

I’ve been chronically depressed for around 10 years. This is now finally getting a lot better and I’m so glad to have finally reached that point! During my slow recovery, I also found out I have Autism, an anxiety disorder, and a Vitamin D deficiency. This altogether causes me to have little energy, seeing more roadblocks than others, and not being able to deal well with change (although I like to initiate it myself sometimes.) I can be a bit of a know it all due to my autism in combination with a slightly higher IQ (120) but that’s usually around weird subjects I’m interested in.

I’m also a Witch, starting since I was 11. I was not raised in a particular religion, though I was sent to a Catholic primary school. My mom is a spiritual person as well and a great inspiration to me. My parents are divorced, and my dads’ new girlfriend is also a spiritual woman so this has always been a theme in my life.

The past few years I’ve been more open about my spiritual religion and started doing Tarot, Oracle and Rune readings for others. I’m also a practicing Witch so I occasionally do spells or get crafty making my own tools and the like. I do celebrate the 8 Sabbaths, but I’m not a Wiccan. I own a ton of books about all kinds of crafts and witchery, mostly about divination. Nothing beats a good book, but I do prefer to take my Kindle with me on the bus.

Apart from all that creative and spiritual business, I’m also a huge nerd. I love superheroes and playing games! I own a Nintendo 2DS XL and a PS4 so when I’m not busy reading tarot or books, I’m usually playing Monster Hunter or Skyrim.

So I have no idea where I was going with this rant, but I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit here.

Love & Light, Blessed be.


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