Tarot Spread – Trial Through Shadows

This is a Tarot Spread I made to go with the Trial Through Shadows ritual. You can use it by itself or as part of the preparation for the ritual. The purpose of this spread is to help you receive insight into what can be found during the ritual and what impact it has on... Continue Reading →


Tarot Spreads – Yearly Spreads

Hello Tarot Nerds! I'm here to talk to you about a Year Ahead spread, why you would choose to use it and how to lay it out as well as a little on how I put it in my bullet journal. I also include a couple variations of essentially the same spread. This isn't a... Continue Reading →

Wild Unknown Tarot & Spirit Animal Oracle

Hello Tarot nerds and Oracle enthusiasts! This time I'm here to bring you a review on both the Tarot and Oracle decks from the Wild Unknown, created by Kim Krans. These decks are quite popular nowadays and I've seen either love or hate responses to this non-traditional, nature-oriented deck. While I aim to be mostly... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – My New Deck Process

Hey, fellow Tarot Nerds! This time I will be talking about the process I go through with any new decks I receive, whether they are Tarot or Oracle decks. I've been seeing a lot of people new to tarot asking things like how to bond with a deck, or what to do first or not,... Continue Reading →

Golden Thread Tarot

Hello fellow Tarot Nerds, I'm back with another Tarot review! This time I will cover the stylistic deck, The Golden Thread Tarot by Tina Gong from Labyrinthos. The Design Tina markets herself as a designer, developer, and Pok√©mon master. A Woman after my own heart hahaha. She's made several decks but the Golden Thread Tarot... Continue Reading →

Prisma Visions Tarot

Hello fellow Tarot Nerds, I'm so excited to talk to you about this deck! Can you guess which one it is? Yes? No? It's the Prisma Visions Tarot by James R. Eads. It has beautiful silver gilded edges and a Van Gogh styled imagery, to me, it is truly breathtaking. This deck was the first... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Get to know your deck

Hello Tarot Nerds! Today I'll be sharing with you a spread that will help you learn about the energy of your new deck. Deck personalities Now one important thing to note, this is based on my personal practice, I believe tarot decks hold their own personality. Maybe they even have their own spirits, I'm not... Continue Reading →

The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

You've probably heard of or seen this deck before. It probably is the most popular or well-known tarot out there. Of course, I'm talking about the Ride-Waite-Smith tarot or, RWS for short. The RWS was the first deck I owned, as is the case for most people starting tarot even today. It is a very... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Tarot & Oracles

Hello Tarot Nerds! This time I want to explain to you what the difference is between Tarot and Oracles. Oracles in use I say Oracles and not cards because technically tarot is an oracle of sorts as well, just like runes are. The word oracle basically represents a medium from which you receive insight from... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Reading spreads

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk to you about reading tarot spreads. You may think "But Shea, I know how to read spreads! You just shuffle the cards and lay them out in the order of the spread you're using!" and while that may be true, there's a little bit more to it... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Your first deck

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk about getting your first deck! Why is this important? Well, first of all, you can't read without a deck. Second, there are hundreds of different Tarot decks out there! Now I'm not going to list them all. That'd be insane. But I can give you a short... Continue Reading →

Things Tarot helped me learn.

During the 13 years of reading Tarot, there are a couple of things I learned from it (other than reading the cards). These are things that of them I can now also apply in my daily life, or when using other Divination tools like Oracles or Runes. I thought it might be nice sharing them with you!

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