Tarot Spread – Trial Through Shadows

This is a Tarot Spread I made to go with the Trial Through Shadows ritual. You can use it by itself or as part of the preparation for the ritual. The purpose of this spread is to help you receive insight into what can be found during the ritual and what impact it has on... Continue Reading →


Tarot Spreads – Yearly Spreads

Hello Tarot Nerds! I'm here to talk to you about a Year Ahead spread, why you would choose to use it and how to lay it out as well as a little on how I put it in my bullet journal. I also include a couple variations of essentially the same spread. This isn't a... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Get to know your deck

Hello Tarot Nerds! Today I'll be sharing with you a spread that will help you learn about the energy of your new deck. Deck personalities Now one important thing to note, this is based on my personal practice, I believe tarot decks hold their own personality. Maybe they even have their own spirits, I'm not... Continue Reading →

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