Tarot 101 – My New Deck Process

Hey, fellow Tarot Nerds! This time I will be talking about the process I go through with any new decks I receive, whether they are Tarot or Oracle decks. I've been seeing a lot of people new to tarot asking things like how to bond with a deck, or what to do first or not,... Continue Reading →


Tarot 101 – Get to know your deck

Hello Tarot Nerds! Today I'll be sharing with you a spread that will help you learn about the energy of your new deck. Deck personalities Now one important thing to note, this is based on my personal practice, I believe tarot decks hold their own personality. Maybe they even have their own spirits, I'm not... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Tarot & Oracles

Hello Tarot Nerds! This time I want to explain to you what the difference is between Tarot and Oracles. Oracles in use I say Oracles and not cards because technically tarot is an oracle of sorts as well, just like runes are. The word oracle basically represents a medium from which you receive insight from... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Reading spreads

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk to you about reading tarot spreads. You may think "But Shea, I know how to read spreads! You just shuffle the cards and lay them out in the order of the spread you're using!" and while that may be true, there's a little bit more to it... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Your first deck

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk about getting your first deck! Why is this important? Well, first of all, you can't read without a deck. Second, there are hundreds of different Tarot decks out there! Now I'm not going to list them all. That'd be insane. But I can give you a short... Continue Reading →

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