Witchy 101 – Tools & My Experience

Hello Witchlings and welcome to another blog in my Witchcraft 101 series. In this blog, I wanna go over tools commonly used in the craft, what they are used for and why I use them in my craft or not. Heads up, this is going to be a long one (it’s exactly 4444 words long).... Continue Reading →


Witchy 101 – Magic, Spells & Rituals

Hello Witchlings! It's a New Moon, so a good moment to introduce something to get you started a bit. Now that I've briefly explained witchcraft in one of my previous posts, I thought to start off with an explanation on magic, spells and rituals. These are key elements of the craft and knowing what's what... Continue Reading →

Ritual – Trial Through Shadows

This is a shadow work ritual I've developed that lets you create manifest a space called the trials. Through these trials, your energetic self travels in order to overcome the shadows that reside within them. These shadows are part of you and stop you from being your true, free self. If you want to read... Continue Reading →

Shadow Work Introduction

°•~∞~•° As I walk into the darkest depths, illuminated I know I put you here, out in the dark I embrace you, as I would a friend or lover These shadows, were always part of me And as they are illuminated, I become whole Again, like I once was. °•~∞~•° I recently wrote about shadow... Continue Reading →

WITCH – Lisa Lister

Hey, bookworms! I'm back with another book review. This time it is the book Witch: Unleashed, Untamed, Unapologetic by Lisa Lister. This isn't the only book by Lisa that I own, I also have her book Code Red which I'm still reading and planning to write a review on, so I have a bit of... Continue Reading →

The Witches Path

Hello everyone, this time I will introduce a "new" topic to you all, Witchcraft. Now you may think "Shea, we know you're a Witch, why do you need to make a new topic for it?". Well, I noticed there's a LOT of new witches surfacing lately and I wanted to get some basics on the... Continue Reading →

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