Witchy 101 – Tools & My Experience

Hello Witchlings and welcome to another blog in my Witchcraft 101 series. In this blog, I wanna go over tools commonly used in the craft, what they are used for and why I use them in my craft or not. Heads up, this is going to be a long one (it’s exactly 4444 words long).... Continue Reading →


Witchy 101 – Magic, Spells & Rituals

Hello Witchlings! It's a New Moon, so a good moment to introduce something to get you started a bit. Now that I've briefly explained witchcraft in one of my previous posts, I thought to start off with an explanation on magic, spells and rituals. These are key elements of the craft and knowing what's what... Continue Reading →

April’s Retrograde Party

Hello Everyone! I wanna talk a bit about the current retrograde party that's going on and will be for a while at that. I know it's already the end of April but at these retrogrades will be going on for a while still and as of today all planets of this months Rx party are... Continue Reading →

The Theory of Soul and Cell Memory

Hello everyone, this time I want to talk about a different topic than usual. Usually, I share more practical info, reviews, DIYs and such, but this time I want to talk about a bit more of a philosophical ideology kind of topic. So this is a theory, not a fact, but one that helped make... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – My New Deck Process

Hey, fellow Tarot Nerds! This time I will be talking about the process I go through with any new decks I receive, whether they are Tarot or Oracle decks. I've been seeing a lot of people new to tarot asking things like how to bond with a deck, or what to do first or not,... Continue Reading →

Mercury Rx – Chat with me Ritual

Hello everyone, as you may know, Mercury is currently in what we call retrograde (Rx). In this post, I want to share a ritual that focuses on the special qualities of a Mercury Rx. So this post I originally wrote for The Witches Circle community app, and while I'm aware I've been writing about witchcraft... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Retrogrades

With a current Venus Retrograde (among others) and an upcoming Mercury Retrograde, I thought it might be nice to touch upon what it is, what it does and what you can do to deal with the retrogrades. These are partially based on my own interpretation so by no means is this a law in any... Continue Reading →

Making Dripped Candles

Hey, Y'all I wanted to share this little tutorial on making your own dripped candles for spells after I saw not everyone is aware of this possibility. It's not too time-consuming but it does get messy! Anyway, it's a perfect way to customize your tools to your spells accordingly. The one pictured above was made... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Reading spreads

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk to you about reading tarot spreads. You may think "But Shea, I know how to read spreads! You just shuffle the cards and lay them out in the order of the spread you're using!" and while that may be true, there's a little bit more to it... Continue Reading →

The Moon – What and when

This page has been update on 23/11/2018. Added: The Dark Moon, astrological calculations, moonstone correspondence, app links and mention of the Moonology oracle deck. Hello lovely souls, today I want to talk about the 5 main phases of the moon and what you should best be doing around this time. This post was inspired by... Continue Reading →

Tarot 101 – Your first deck

Hello Tarot enthusiasts! Today I want to talk about getting your first deck! Why is this important? Well, first of all, you can't read without a deck. Second, there are hundreds of different Tarot decks out there! Now I'm not going to list them all. That'd be insane. But I can give you a short... Continue Reading →

Things Tarot helped me learn.

During the 13 years of reading Tarot, there are a couple of things I learned from it (other than reading the cards). These are things that of them I can now also apply in my daily life, or when using other Divination tools like Oracles or Runes. I thought it might be nice sharing them with you!

July 2017 – Moon Calendar

This month's Monthly Moon Calendar Wallpapers are done! So every month I will share a wallpaper, both for Desktop and Mobile, of that month's Moon phases, which started off with May, now it's time for July. I'm a few days late but hey, I'm a full-time student, with an internship currently... Like I said when I'm a... Continue Reading →

You’re a… witch?

This is a question I get a lot when people ask me if I'm religious in any way, and often results in surprised and confused faces. I've always struggled with "being myself" around people, often because I didn't know "who I was". Until recently I didn't always want to share this part of me but... Continue Reading →

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